Friday, March 23, 2012

I Will update I Promise

Wow it has been a long time. i am planning on starting this up again i just need to transfer all my pictures to my firefighters computer since mine i will not connect to the internet anymore. sad story i know

Thursday, September 16, 2010

super duper activity

so my ward had this super activity and we went up to some resivior i forget which but it was way fun but i tottally slacked on my picture taking responsbility. we also went boating and to do all the fun stuff in park city it was way fun sorry about the lack of pics. my fire fighter did come up each night though even though he couldnt stay for more then a couple of hours. he is so cute!
yep thats what it looks like
her boyfriend got jealous it was way funny he was the only one to buy anything while we were at the outlets

not nearly as good as the real thing or as cute but he does dress well

we had quite the adventure parking we had a boat on the back of the suburban and couldnt get it into a space we almost hit a couple of cars plus it was pouring rain so we all got soaked but in the end we had success!

mother of six

so as many of you know i get the wonderful opportunity to watch my siblings kids when they go out of town. i absolutly love doing this cause i always get to have so much fun. my sister went to visit her hubby while he was working in atlanta and this is what i ended up doing with her six kids!(i had never really babysat all six before it was usually just the oldest four) one day we went to the discovery park to eat lunch then play an amazing game of hide and seek.

lunch was pb&j a classic

it was super hot this time of year so i got us little water bottles and the little girls were just so cute drinking from them



they have these cute little beehives that you can sit in

not as easy for her as for the littles

they are just too cute for words

she was a little big

tight squeeze!
climbing in a dinosoar head

i couldnt sit on the seats
these always make me sick
he spun her so fast she almost fell off
counting together we all took turns being with the littles
hiding shhh
looking at whoever was passing over us
she was such a good hider
coming to find us
i was afraid to go down the metal one becuse i didnt want to get burnt
for some reason the big little seemed to end up counting a lot of the time
peek a boo
they wouldnt havefound me but i took a piture as they passed me and the shutter sound gave me away
staying hydrated
this was the cutest pose for counting in the world
they walked right past my hiding place
this was a good place to hide
hiding under the play place
yes she found us
finding her brother
found her
got you! me and the big little were amazing at finding people we caught everyone
i love how she has her eyes colesed trying to hide from us
this was the second time i checked this place he moved there after i had looked the first time

coming back after being caught
waiting at home base
we hid in the picnic area and it was nice and shaddy perfect for a nap
getting cool after the park
i love turning on the sprinklers and jumping on the tramp
i could only find one towl
ok so we went up the canyon with my friend and my figre fighter but he didnt come till latter and we wanted to prove that we could build a fire so this is us building a fire and we did it with only one match to quote someone i am very found of booya!
my one match fire
it really didnt get cold
my special chair i got for my birthday it has a conopy so cool
yummy smores
one of my best friends
the little little fell asleep before we left so she stayed at the grandparents but the big little had fun
they were very good around teh fire i only had to tell the little once to not get to close
kicking back in the littles chair
they became best friends
my firefighter!
and no he did not pose for tihs he was actually just sitting that way
i told them not to move and they obeyed
yes she is asleep and she kept doing the most random things with her hands
she made her pick her own nose it was so funny
breakfast at ihop and yes i did get weird looks when i walked in with six kids
love these boys
i said that the orange juice tasted a lot like tropicana just to look at the jar and find out that is was
such beautiful girls
im not sure what that face is for but it is way cute
they were very good and ate all of their food
i love this little one so much!
ok so lehi has what it calls foam days and they have huge blowup toys and lots of fun stuff then they have the fire department come and shoot massive amounts of foam on the kids it is crazy but it was free and a lot of fun
train ride
they each got a free baloon thing
cute face painting
i couldnt believe how fast she was at it each one took less then a minute
cute flowers
so cute
she had such a hard time picking which one she wanted
it turned out awesome though
simple and cute
i cant believe that the women who took this couldnt tell she cut off the little oh well
getting ready for foam
love her face
that is just the start of the foam
i didnt want foam to get in there eyes
there were so many kids i was surprised i didnt loose one of them
free watermellon
post foam
we went and saw how to train your dragon
she was saving my firefighter a seat. he kept humming along with the score and then he would tell me the name of the song it was so cute. then he said i was like astrid a girl in the movie who is one tough chick and at one point she hits a boy and he was like "see just like you" then right after that she kissed the boy...he didnt comment on that:) he did however sit next to me on sunday when i brought all the kids to church with me we got some odd looks and after getting those looks from some friends he texted them and said "i have only cuddled and held her hand i dont know where these kids came from"
it was the 24 so i hosted a fireworks show for them
statue of liberty
um i think im trying to be a wizard

it was a super fun weekend i love these kids they are so good!