Friday, April 30, 2010

i need a change

so as most of you know my oldest brother got me thinking about going back to school and i have come to the conclusion that i really do need a change though i am not sure what yet but right now i think i am going to apply to usu's masters program i want to go into history and they have the best program around well unless i want to move to az which would be like ten hours from most of my family but only like fourty five minutes from my super rad sister and her freaking adorable kids but az also has a lot of sun and i still havent found a good way to survive in the sun anyways i still need to take my ger's (its like the act's for graduate school) and i wouldnt be able to start untill next fall cause i have already missed the deadline for this fall but this is what i am thinking about right now just wanted to let you guys know so know one got blindsided if all of a sudden i anounce this:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dayna's Going Away Party

so one of my volleyball friends is going up to school and we decided to have a party for her it was lots of fun we played signs for like four hours and i didnt get home till one thirty but it was so worth it they guys i hang with are crazy which makes it so much more fun there are captions to all these photos on facebook and chell the salsa made me think of you cause it is gluten free oh and i didnt take any of the pictures i let the guys take my camera

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3D movies

so last night i went to the movies with some friends and we went and saw how to train your dragon in 3d it was so good and sooo funny i just went with my volleyball friends we all met at one persons house and then carpooled over there were four of us in the back seat which i know isnt safe but it sure is fun because someone had told us all the wrong time we ended up like an hour and a half early so we went and got food at five guys burgers and fries it was actually pretty good on of the guys in the group wanted to make sure we got good seats(even though it was a kids movie that started at nine fourty) so we went in a half an hour early and of course we were the first ones there so we had fun being as loud as possible and watching the guys try and balance on the railing it was so fun and the movie is really good i recomend you all go and see it

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hail storm

so today after work my friend asked me if i wanted to help him walk his dog well not so much as help as just walk besides him anyways i said yes and after mom froced him to come into the house(i made him bring his dog in also) we started on our walk it was a little cold but not really bad but then started the hail it started off small and we soon decided to turn around at which time the hail increaced a lot so we tried to walk home as quickly as possible it was quite the adventure and i am conviced if we were to have continued walking something bad like us getting mugged would have happeded to us so in a way the hail was a good thing

ambush blind date...can you say scary

so yesterday i was lying on the couch and i had fallen asleep when all of a sudden my phone started to ring so of course i freaked out but it was my friend and he said that he had someone he wanted me to meet and he asked me when i was free this next week and i promptly told him any night but thursday well a little later i go over to the church to clean the building and for fhe well while cleaning the building my friend comes up and says that someone is coming to meet me in like fourty five minutes at which time i freaked out again because i couldnt leave the church in order to go make myself look cute(i was dressed for cleaning the church not for a first date) so fourty five minutes later this rather attractive guy walks in with my friend and he introduces us we played volleyball for awhile and then went over to my friends house to play boardgames we played battle of the sexes me and my friends girlfriend totally rocked the guys it was fun which is the only reason this said friend is not dead right now cause if this guy had been ugly or i had an awful time i wouldnt be so happy but this guy asked for my number so hopefuly i should be seeing more of this kid but i should just state for the record i do not like surprise blind dates

Monday, April 12, 2010


ok i just got an email saying i should get contacted within the week to set up my one on one interview with wells fargo which means i passed the first step and they didnt hate me what else i cant remember if i have written the fact that this boy now deffinetly has a girl friend and i am surviving its actually good i think cause now i get to have a guy friend i tell all my guy troubles too sherri by the way we were watching the first season of office so he had no reason not to like it such a dissapointment and debra i wouldnt mind going out with this kid sometime in the future im glad that you checked with your girls on his cuteness factor for me though lets see what else oh yeah it is officially warm enough for my alergy to the sun to kick in so if you ever see me in the sun feel free to ask if i have sun block on just in case i have forgotten

Sunday, April 11, 2010

blind date

k first off sorry no photos but who takes pictures on a blind date that would just increase the weirdness i think anyways i had a friend set me up on this blind date and it wasnt to bad we went to nickelcity and of course having worked in an arcade for a year gave me a little of an advantage and i totally owned in racing and shooting hoops i love arcades after we went to this pizzaria and the food was good were were triple dating so there were two other couples so there were never any of those awkward silences and then we went over to one of the couples houses and watched the office it was an ok night but i dont think i will go out with him again we didnt have anything in commen and he doesnt think think the office is funny which like unheard of but it was nice to get out of the house

Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh my brother

i went to upload my photos off my camera from last night and i found this one at the very end

pies, water bottles, and tennis balls

so last night i had a friend text me and invite me to his ward date night or something cause the girl he invited totally ditched him anyways they were making pies for the activity but there was a catch you had to pick a handicap from out of a bowl some people had their wrists tied together and others couldn't use their thumbs me and my friend were not allowed to use a table it was rather entertaining to watch the other couples after assemblying our amazing pies we put them in the oven and played a game while we waited i had never played this game and it was actually fun buy would be way to violent with our family each team had a line of water bottles on thier side and the object of the game was to knock down the other teams waterbottles with tennis balls it was way fun and my team won both times soon our pies were done and we were able to eat them and even though i do not much care for pie i was still a good sport and ate some all in all it was a fun night i even shot this cool vidio of some guy trying to eat an entire mini pie in one bite