Thursday, June 17, 2010


so in my last blog i made reference to getting distracted and now i will tell you what distracted me if you havent guessed yet its a boy but not just any boy this boy is a forest fire fighter about the height of daddy with hazel eyes a great build good hair and a killer laugh he is twenty five and is in school to be a civil engineer we is a rm and serverd in costa rica he is number eleven in a family of eleven and all his siblings names start with k now this boy has always been on my i would like to date list but it was only recently that i started to do something about it ok so think back to june 9 this was supposed to be a girls night but we got a text saying come to los hermonos to celebrate a friends birthday i didnt want to go but then they informed me that this boy would be there so of course i showed up and as luck would have it i ended up sitting next to him when they brought out my specialty drink(he didnt know i ordered it) he said wow that looks good and when they put it in front of me he freaked out and was like ITS YOURS he immedetly dove for straw before some friends were like are you even going to ask it was so funny anyways we just talked during dinner then the group made plans to go hottubbing and while there i made sure we were next to each other and we just kept on talking ok now skip to the 11 i was supposed to be going to summer summit a singels ward thing but i found out that no one was going so instead i got myself invited to hang out with this guy i had just cut and colored my hair and i was excited for him to see it and when i walked in he was like whoo then we went and watched a movie at another fire fighters housue and when we walked in he was like you cut your hair then i found out that the guy i like knew something was different but didnt know when till then that was funny too we drove with another girl but she got a ride from someone else so he took me home and we sat in his car and talked for like an hour and i convinced him to come to the next day of the summer summit so now its the 12 and we spent all day together i even convinced him to come the dance we danced twice and had so much fun it was a great day on the 13(sunday) a group came over and we watched monsters ink i was of course sitting next to this boy kinds leaning in hoping he would take my hand but he didnt instead put his arm around me and pulled me close it was soooooo good then he was gone on fire till yesterday so we texted at night and last night when he got home we went on our first real date just to dinner with another couple but on the way home he put his arm around me agian now i know that this might not work out and he might not the one but i am bound and determined to enjoy every moment of this time because it is fun so i will keep you updated and if you want more details just call and i will tell you oh by the way i have been smiling consantly since the thirteenth i think i am on cloud fifty seven

Cali Trip!

so i know i promised like forever ago that i would blog about this trip but i got distracted;) so i am doing it now it was such a fun trip we went may 19 till the 23 so wednesday to sunday it was me and five of my friends three girls and two boys one of the girls was able to get us a cheap rate on a hotel and then we found killer deals for disneyland and six flags the drive down was way fun i drove from home to st george and i did remarkably well i didnt kill anyone so thats good
chiling on her laptop it was usually her phone
she was so sick the entire trip something like double ear infection lyrangitus and something else

not my foot
i swear they spent more time getting ready then actually at the parks
the I in california we went to california adventure first (both parks only fifty dollars)
tower of terror so much fun
they were pretending to tan they just looked gay
toy story ride
they got a little scared on the ferris wheel
bear river run i barely got wet

waiting in line at tower of terror again
i really did like disneyland but it still wish there were a lot more bigger rides so i am still not convinced that is the happiest place in the world
i hate the matterhorn why we went on it i dont know
we ate lunch at pizza planet i bought so much food so that i could convince my friend to eat some cause for some reason we wasnt eating the freak
this was a way fun ride though indian jones is still my favorite
they were waiting for the girls to pee
she was very sick so he carried her
his girlfriend is right behind us
yes i know i have the wrong knee up
yes mine are the black toes
the beach was so much fun i was the only girl to really go out and play in the water the others were to cold but i let them bury me in the sand it was actually the warmest part of the day after we went shopping on the boardwalk i got cute shorts and a very warm blanket
so dirty
i dont know why its sideways
me drowning
Six Flags! i was looking forward to this day all trip long and then of corse the girls took so long getting ready that we didnt get there untill it had been open like two hours then had to wait for one of them to go to the bathroom for like a half an hour and then they all wanted to leave eary i was a littled annoyed but still had a whole lot of fun and the rides we did go on were so amazing

they ditched me on the tram and the woman i sat next to had the longest hair and it kept blowing on me it was gross
of course the girls are incapable of changing in the car so they decided to not pack the car till after church and when we got back to one of the girls uncles house where we stayed that night the door was locked and we couldnt get our stuff untill we could get the keys that delayed us half an hour man i am so not a typical girl
breaking in
on the way home
we just had to drive down the strip can you say another hour delay
that big green splotch was the biggest but ever but it hit my window and died on the drive home i drove the last leg and it was crazy rainy the entire time i was so scared i was going to kill us but i didnt and we are all alive so the trip was a major success