Thursday, May 28, 2009


so i totally went running yesterday i was supposed to be doing homework but i couldn't concentrate so i dusted off my running shoes and went to the gym at my clubhouse (have i said yet how much i love my new place) i ran a mile in just over ten minutes which is ok i guess since i haven't really run since my sophmore year in high school (four years ago) and it felt good we actually it hurt a lot and i thought i was going to die but if any of you are runners out there you know how good that feels i also went to go running this morning but when i got there all the tredmills were being used so i had to use the random stepper thing which is so not like running and because i was rather sore from the day before i was only able to to a mile (this time in just over eleven minutes) hopefully as i get more in shape i will be able to go farther in fact i better be able to go farther because i have to run a marathon next year oi why did i ever agree to that it should be good for me though i actually woke up at six thirty this morning to go running i think i shocked myself when i actually rolled out of bed it was so not easy but the first days the hardest right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Place

so on the twenty third i moved apartments and i love my new place my old apartment had six girls two bathrooms and no kitchen space and i shared a room that is smaller then my office at work this new place is a town house where i get my own room and bathroom
my beautiful bathroom
and it has a great kitchen i love it so much i only have three roommates and they are work a holics just like me so no one is ever home which is kind sad but the truth i think this is going to be a great place to live there is a pool and a club house with a gym so i can start training for that marathon

Pre organization

Post organization

Friday, May 22, 2009

Money / Black Nail Polish

oi vay money! i always seem to have a lot extra when i add up all my bills in my head but when it comes to the end of the month i am always looking for extra money somewhere this usually means that i end up not paying my parents the money i owe luckily they dont usually bring it up now that is either they are the sweetest parents ever or they just dont remember that i owe them money any way the point of this post is to commit myself to stick to my budget hopefully if i put it in writing i will be better resolved to work on this:) the hardest part of this whole thing is that i want to take a trip to see my sister but i have to work in the cost of not working for a week which i never really had to do cause i never really paid for my life before its ok though this is just another challenge to make my life more interesting because it was becoming so dull:) another thing i am doing to make my life interesting is painting my fingernails black no im not going goth or emo i just like black nail polish it is way easier then trying to tip them and it kind of looks cool another plus is that it kind of freaks out my mom which make me laugh sorry mom im not intentionally trying to give you a heart attack i promise anyways i would challenge everyone(girls guys just shouldnt) to try wearing black nail polish at least once its fun

Thursday, May 21, 2009


so i have been on a wicked kick for some reason and its really weird because i have never seen it and dont even really know what its about so i downloaded the soundtrack(for some reason it was missing track 11) and i have been listening to it all day i think i am on my fourth time through and i am still no where near understanding what in the world this musical is about oh well i like the music and drives all the guys that i work with insain so im ok with it

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MGMT 4830 & MGMT 4800

so i am taking these two classes for my degree they are the most boring classes in the entire world i guess it wouldn't be so bad if they were not so long one is two hours and the other is three hours this is after eight hours at work so it is kind of draining it should give me plenty of time to update my blog right? these classes are all about learning how to run a company and we are actually running a fake company which is kind of cool but at the same time we put so much time and effort into it and then you step back and think its all fake i didn't change anything for real and then it is depressing but its the price to pay for never having to go to school again if i dont want to:) ok well i have to go and make decisions for my pretend company again oh one more thing i might be a college graduate but i cant spell worth beans so this thing might be full of mistakes

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Life at the Moment

ok i am nineteen years old (i will be twenty this july) i recently walked in my college graduation i still have to finish my capstone stone classes (which are going to be like the hardest classes ever) but once those are done i will have earned my bachelors degree in business management i am currently working at trafalga fun center in orem utah it is a miniature golf place i am the office manager there or in other words i am second in command i love it there i always have so much fun because my boss is a nut and always makes it fun i live here in orem and am in the middle of switching places i am moving from a tiny little apartment with five other girls (only two of which know english and one of those is deaf) to a town house with only three other girls it is so nice and i am so excited for it a little more about me is that i am the ninth of ten children only my younger(i cant say little because he is like a foot taller then i am) still lives with my parents over in Pleasant Grove i am the shortest of the family only reaching four feet and eleven inches and some of my twenty eight nieces and nephews are already starting to pass me up i love my family especially my sisters yes that includes my sisters-in-law who are super cool themselves as for my love life right now there isn't one im just trying to get through school and stuff so maybe when i have more free time i will start worrying about boys well thats if for right now i guess