Wednesday, July 7, 2010

firefighters and fire works

ok so update on this whole boy sittuation. (yes i am adding puctuation but i am not correcting my spelling that would take like an extra hour) so this boy got back from a campout (for work the travel and cut down trees when not on an actuall fire) and that first night he got home we went to dennys together along whith two of our friends who are dating. it was a lot of fun. our british waiter even defined bloody for us in very colorful words. we all had talked about going to the carnival the next day and so the next day he asked if i was going. i said i was and then asked where we all were meeting. he said, "oh i will come pick you up." so he picked me up on his motercycle and we met the same couple from the night before. it was a lot of fun eventhough we made the mistake of riding the space ship. that one always makes me a little sick. we then went back to my house and watched the village. he doesnt like scary movies, so it was even more fun then just watching a normal movie. the next day was the rodeo, and once again i got picked up by this boy. we had some friends in the wild cow milk and it was so much fun to watch them even though they did lose. then we went over to someones house and watched swatt. i expected him to hold my hand that night, and i think he would have if we hadnt both fell asleep. the next day was the parade. somehow he talked me into helping out in it. we handed out flyers for "pony your party". it was actually kinda fun. then the gang(there are two other couples that we hang out with cause we are all friends) made a plan to go boating. unfortunetly the boat was taking on water, so instead we decided to play water spoons at my house. we were just on the verge of starting an epic water fight when the boys got called out on a fire. that means that the were gone within two minutes. it was not fun at all. all of a sudden they on their way to fight a fire with no idea where or for how long. the only good thing was that as soon as he found out where we was going he called me to let me know where it was so sweet. he was gone for ten days, and luckily i was in az for five of those days. he got home on a tuesday night and wanted to hang out but i was already going to the midnight showing of eclipse with my niece, so we just had to wait a day. we ended up watching a movie with some friends. on friday we went up the canyon and had a campfire with our friends. then came the 3rd came. we started the day floating down the provo river. it was way fun except the time where i got caught by a branch, and got flipped under the water. i lost both shoes, but somehow managed to get both back. after that he asked me to go to his family bbq. it was not to bad, and i didnt do anything to embarass myself to bad. then we went to the fireworks at the jr high, where we got to see some people almost attaked by a tipped over firework. i was hoping that he would hold my hand, but was just about to give up hope when he finally took my hand. it was so sweet and in front of his entire family. after we went back to his house and lit thier fireworks. the entire night was just good and sweet and fun, and i am looking forward to more exciting weekends like this one.

Friday, July 2, 2010

110 in the shade

so my az trip was so much fun just a week of me mom my sister and her cute kids the only down side was that i had just been called as the relief socity president so i was constently worried about how i will do and who my councilors should be i was also worried about a young man i know who was out fighting fires at the time but other then the worry the trip was amazing and i didnt even get sick
my truck
my other truck

a simulated hurricane
i wish her hair wasnt back so you could see the wind
the front
the back my first time doing french braids

i know i know so atractive
i loved her chocolate face

in a fish dome
this was such a cool aquarium thanks sis
giant random fish

so cute see hourses oh and the girl
this tank was trippy and made you feel like you were actually under water

there is a stingray behind her i promise

camera shy
love that little girl
rainforest cafe
this was taken by my niece
playing wii
we were choping things down
she won

the wind was crazy in flagstaff
the crazy fire we ran into outside of flagstaff
i loved the contrast of smoke and blue sky
what a great bike ideal for road trips
me and mom had loads of fun thanks sister for inviting us
oh mom was trying to take a picture of us and didnt know the camera was in vidio mode