Thursday, June 25, 2009

Animals at Work

so there seem to be a lot of critters associated with my work even though i work at a fun center and not a zoo i have already discussed the wonderful adventures of the snake but there have also been lizards fish sharks frogs and most recently mice ok let me start at the beginning it all starts with my predecessor and her sudden whim to add a fish tank to the office she thought that it would be a good idea so have something to entertain us during our meetings and it was a very good idea however she also thought gold fish would be good for the tank so she went to the pet store and picked out the three ugliest goldfish known to man they were big and funny looking and just not fun to stare at oh they were evil too i once got a fish to put in it and the gold fish named charly ate it well once i took over her position we got rid of the gold fish and went back to the pet store where we saw the coolest lizard it was just chillin
we ended up getting a frog which i named justin... justin case we forgot his name hee hee yea i know corny then came the snake and then this morning we get the mouse we have been having a problem with mice lately so we set up traps well this morning i was putting some things away and when i walked into the kitchen i was startled by this little critter (yes i even jumped backward in fright) after regaining control i put down my armload of stuff and grabbed a near by bucket i used much skill and cunning and the rest is history the poor little fellow died about fifteen minutes later and was given a very nice funeral or chucked on the freeway im not sure

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yard Selling!

so me and my sister have been trying to set up these movie nights for the past month and a half and it is supposed to be every wednesday but so far we have not done one because one of us always has something come up so instead i decided to accompany her on her rutine saturday yard selling and can i tell you it was so much fun besides the starting at seven on a saturday and the off and on rain but other then that it was so much fun first there is the thrill of driving up the road and seeing a sign and slamming on the breaks to see which way the arrow is pointing or flipping a quick u-turn because we just drove past one then there is the thrill of the hunt to see if there is anything that you would consider buying the disappointment when you dont find anything or the excitement of finding something amazing and then the rush that comes when you negotiate for a lower price i got some really cool stuff and now am rather addicted to yard sales its fun and saves you money its like the best of both worlds random afterthought that has absolutely nothing to do with yard selling i stopped by work tonight and it tuns out that our huge breaker box blew up and we had no power to our main building so we are attempting to run the business out of our track office it is actually kind of cool

Monday, June 15, 2009

Talk about a Monday

so most of us hate mondays right well i have the monday to school all mondays i forced my self out of bed just like usual and got ready for work on the way to work i was blaring my radio and decided that today was going to be a good day regardless of the fact that it was monday now when i got to work i started my usual monday routine which consists of collecting the past weeks cleaning lists and print new ones well we have been having some issues with getting our cleaning lists done and in turn the park has not been looking as good and it frustrates me when the daily cleaning lists dont even get done and today was no different at least half of the lists were not even close to being done that alone shot my will to have a good monday in the foot but it only got better from there (and yes that was dripping with sarcasm) i then got a call from mellisa from blackjacks saying that the freezer full of dippin dots that we had just sold her was not working and that all the dippin dots were melting luckily our food and beverage manager was there so i passed this one on to her but i was just thinking about how much product we would have to refund her what a head ache i decided to start cash control but when i got ready i couldn't get the safe open several curse words ran through my head at that time because if i couldn't get the safe open we could not run the business so after about fifteen minutes of trying absolutely everything i could think of i called my boss and asked if there was a trick i was missing he asked if the handle was pulled all the way up i kind of laughed at him because i was thinking im not that stupid but i decided to try and low and behold it worked so yea then i felt rather stupid at that time amanda (the above mentioned food and beverage manager) came in and told me the indoor course was flooded and sure enough it was water came up to the middle of my calf (yes i know that isn't that deep considering my height) it turns out that the pond was being filled on saturday and somebody forgot to turn it off saturday night so it was running all sunday so after i waded over to the spigot i turned it off and then called our facility manager to inform him that we now had an indoor swimming pool at which time amanda came up to me and told me that the fridge/freezer in which we keep all our snack bar food had been turned off all weekend and that all the food in it was spoiled that is so what i wanted to hear so we threw all of that away and i once again began working on cash control when amanda came and told me that there was a snake in the offices yea you read me right a snake and the worst part was that we couldnt catch it so there i was on my hands and knees trying to capture and snake and just when we got him cornered can you guess what he did he crawled into a flippin computer yea right up into it we had to take the computer apart and stick it into a box and wait for it to come out well i guess it got scared because soon my entire office smelled like snake pee it was the perfect end to a rather random crazy insane monday morning

Babysitting/ Jaxsons 10th Birthday/ Trafalga/ Rainstorm/ Airport/ Pulled over/Stake conference/ Stake Presidents/ Does this title have to many slashes

so this last weekend i got the oportunity to babysit my third oldest sisters four oldest chilren when i got to they had posted all these signs on the door saying welcome ashley is was so sweet it also turned out to be the the second oldest childs (a boy) birthday on saturday so we got all ready and headed out to trafalga it was the cheapest way i knew how to give him a really fun birthday of course we let him make every decision down to who would sit where in the car when we got to trafalga we started with the xd theater and then off to mini golf we were having the grand re-opening of our batting cages at trafalga so we had the owls (a baseball team) mascott hoots come out and while talking to my sister on the phone he came up to us and stole my phone and hung up on my sister this was afer he kicked my ball so i would have a very bad shot while golfing the oldest (a girl) whose golfing name was tiger woods was the only one to get a hole in one unfortunetly that was her only tiger like moment and she ended up in third after golfing (i came in first of course) we did another xd ride in which hoots the owl snuck in in the middle and scared the crap out of me we then went to do the go-karts the birthday boy was not tall enough to ride but i pulled a couple strings and got him on so i drove the youngest (girl) the oldest drove her younger brother and the birthday boy dove his own pink car the pictures while in the go-karts were not easy to take but a lot of fun to try once go-karts were done (i won of course) we got some food yummy hot dogs and chips and soda and tummy yummies which are a kids drink we were giving away for free that day mainly it is jut very surgary water then we did the batting cages
i had never done them before and was surprised that i wasnt half bad at that time
hoots the owl came back and stole my camera charming creature then we went over to mix 107.9's booth they were doing a remote and were give stuff away we played a been bag toss (i won of course) we all got cds i got taylor swift and the second youngest (boy) got pink it was so funny we then went inside and rode the xd again after we played in the arcade and then the xd one last time we then went outside to leave and found it pouring rain this was like walk outside for less then a second and be soaked to the bone type of rain it was so cool and this was after golfing driving and batting in the sunshine well when we got home i made a cake for the birthday boy we ran out of icing to i had to use pink on half of his name he called his parents while opening his present then he tried to blow out his candels it was so funny cause i put trick candels on so he would blow one out then another would pop on after that i had to pick my sister up from the airport and of course i got pulled over on the way over going 70 in a 50 and of course i didnt get a ticket the next day i amazingly got four kids ready and out the door by eight in order to be at my parents ward by nine (an hour early for stake conference) my dad got called as steak president the poor guy he was just a bishop and he really wants to go on a mission but i know he will be great because that is just what type of guy he is me and my sisters played board games that night and then me and the kids made the long trip home (30 minutes is long when you are tired and want to go to bed) it was a fun weekend i love babysitting those kids we always have fun my only regret is that we didnt get to play hide n' seek in the dark

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Typical Day

my stupid alarm goes off at six thirty that was origanly set so i could get up and run but it doesnt work so after i turn the annoying thing off (cause for some reason i am impossibe of using snooze) i roll over and fall back to sleep for another half and hour untill my phone starts singing at me then i roll out of bed to start my day after i get all clean and dressed i debate my options for breakfast(cereal, bagles, or mcdonalds) or if i even want to eat that day after that i brush my teath and head off to work i like getting there early because then i am all alone and i get to listen to my music as loud as i want at work i start making task lists for all the employees to work on during the day way fun i know all the time i am answering the phone a million times because people will take the time to look up our number on the web but some how miss the huge section that gives them the hours we are open then i usually have some bigger projects to take care of and then the fun starts my boss shows up we usually have meetings about maketing or in house things or the employees i like to take time to clean things because we have this huge cleaning inspection that i do at five on a school day i take off from work and head to school where i stay to at least 8:30 but on most days it is about 9:30 when i get out if i dont have school and i dont have to meet with my school group i usually stay at work till like 10 my roommates dont even know someone else is living with them because i leave so early and get back so late but once home i find something random to eat read my scriptures then turn on the second half of pride and predjudice and fall asleep i love my life it is so jam packed that i have no idea what i am going to do once school is done i might actually get a social life...oh no!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seven Peaks

so one of the benifits of working at trafalga is that i get a free season pass to seven peaks because they are owned by the same person i also get two free day passes with each pay check so this last saturday i was extremely bored and did not want to work on homework so i decided to go to seven peaks the only glitch is that i had no one to go with and its not one of those places that you go alone cause then you end up looking like a loser and like most people i try to avoid that my first thought was to go with my brother but he was doing some extreme scout challenge so then i called a friend to see if she was in town for the weekend but alas she was not then my thoughts turned to my neice of thirteen she is taller then i am and i like hanging out with her so i tried calling my sister to see if her daughter was available (she is a teenager so she has issues with staying off of restriction) i could not get a hold of my sister so i had my other sister go over there to see what the deal was well it turns out she was mowing her lawn it turned out that my neice already had plans with one of her plans but she canceled them to hang out with me actually she just wanted to go to seven peaks because she had never gone before but i like to say she came jsut for me two of her younger sisters also had passes to the water park due to being excelent readers while at school so the four of us started off for the park we did stop by the gas station becuse my gas light had been on for the last two days then we stopped by wally world to get some lunchables while there we were offered free samples of some healthy yougurt bar or something but we used the the little cups they came in as little hats my neices had some issues keeping them on there head well we picked up our lunchables mine was pizza sarahs (the oldest) was crackers sandwithces so was her sisters katy's ellies the youngest got nachos we decided to eat them on the way to the park because they do not let you bring food in it is quite difficult to make and eat pizza while trying to drive a car on the freeway so i made sarah make it for me when we finnally got to the park and layed all of our stuff out and got all sun screened we were all ready to start the fun we started by doing all the tube rides it was perfect we never really had to wait in any lines which was strange since it was a saturday after the tube rides we did this one slide where we race each other then sarah and i decided to do the high slides there are three of them the first is just sort of bumpy so we did that one first then we went up to do the scary ones you just drop straight down we got to the slide and sarah was like i am so not going and i was like yea you are and she was like heck no and i was like come on you got to try anyway we went on for like five minutes then i was like ok ill just go then i was kind of sad that she wasnt going cause i knew she would have fun but when i got to the bottomand looked back up i saw her standing there so i waved for her to come down and to my great surprise i saw her jump up on the slide and come on down i was so proud but im not going to lie when she came off the top her arms and legs came apart and it scared the crap out of me but she was fine and had fun so we went back up and did the last slide the one that scares me the most because you start in a tunnle and then you drop out of it going straight down but we both did it and yes these slides give you major wedgies but it was fun i was so proud of my thirteen year old neice for doing something my sixteen year old neice couldnt dot the year before after that we did all the tube rides again went to the wave pool and the lazy river and just everthing well when we were all tired we were on our way out of the park when i saw a sign for funnel cake and of course i had to stop and get some it was a really fun day

Thursday, May 28, 2009


so i totally went running yesterday i was supposed to be doing homework but i couldn't concentrate so i dusted off my running shoes and went to the gym at my clubhouse (have i said yet how much i love my new place) i ran a mile in just over ten minutes which is ok i guess since i haven't really run since my sophmore year in high school (four years ago) and it felt good we actually it hurt a lot and i thought i was going to die but if any of you are runners out there you know how good that feels i also went to go running this morning but when i got there all the tredmills were being used so i had to use the random stepper thing which is so not like running and because i was rather sore from the day before i was only able to to a mile (this time in just over eleven minutes) hopefully as i get more in shape i will be able to go farther in fact i better be able to go farther because i have to run a marathon next year oi why did i ever agree to that it should be good for me though i actually woke up at six thirty this morning to go running i think i shocked myself when i actually rolled out of bed it was so not easy but the first days the hardest right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Place

so on the twenty third i moved apartments and i love my new place my old apartment had six girls two bathrooms and no kitchen space and i shared a room that is smaller then my office at work this new place is a town house where i get my own room and bathroom
my beautiful bathroom
and it has a great kitchen i love it so much i only have three roommates and they are work a holics just like me so no one is ever home which is kind sad but the truth i think this is going to be a great place to live there is a pool and a club house with a gym so i can start training for that marathon

Pre organization

Post organization

Friday, May 22, 2009

Money / Black Nail Polish

oi vay money! i always seem to have a lot extra when i add up all my bills in my head but when it comes to the end of the month i am always looking for extra money somewhere this usually means that i end up not paying my parents the money i owe luckily they dont usually bring it up now that is either they are the sweetest parents ever or they just dont remember that i owe them money any way the point of this post is to commit myself to stick to my budget hopefully if i put it in writing i will be better resolved to work on this:) the hardest part of this whole thing is that i want to take a trip to see my sister but i have to work in the cost of not working for a week which i never really had to do cause i never really paid for my life before its ok though this is just another challenge to make my life more interesting because it was becoming so dull:) another thing i am doing to make my life interesting is painting my fingernails black no im not going goth or emo i just like black nail polish it is way easier then trying to tip them and it kind of looks cool another plus is that it kind of freaks out my mom which make me laugh sorry mom im not intentionally trying to give you a heart attack i promise anyways i would challenge everyone(girls guys just shouldnt) to try wearing black nail polish at least once its fun

Thursday, May 21, 2009


so i have been on a wicked kick for some reason and its really weird because i have never seen it and dont even really know what its about so i downloaded the soundtrack(for some reason it was missing track 11) and i have been listening to it all day i think i am on my fourth time through and i am still no where near understanding what in the world this musical is about oh well i like the music and drives all the guys that i work with insain so im ok with it

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MGMT 4830 & MGMT 4800

so i am taking these two classes for my degree they are the most boring classes in the entire world i guess it wouldn't be so bad if they were not so long one is two hours and the other is three hours this is after eight hours at work so it is kind of draining it should give me plenty of time to update my blog right? these classes are all about learning how to run a company and we are actually running a fake company which is kind of cool but at the same time we put so much time and effort into it and then you step back and think its all fake i didn't change anything for real and then it is depressing but its the price to pay for never having to go to school again if i dont want to:) ok well i have to go and make decisions for my pretend company again oh one more thing i might be a college graduate but i cant spell worth beans so this thing might be full of mistakes

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Life at the Moment

ok i am nineteen years old (i will be twenty this july) i recently walked in my college graduation i still have to finish my capstone stone classes (which are going to be like the hardest classes ever) but once those are done i will have earned my bachelors degree in business management i am currently working at trafalga fun center in orem utah it is a miniature golf place i am the office manager there or in other words i am second in command i love it there i always have so much fun because my boss is a nut and always makes it fun i live here in orem and am in the middle of switching places i am moving from a tiny little apartment with five other girls (only two of which know english and one of those is deaf) to a town house with only three other girls it is so nice and i am so excited for it a little more about me is that i am the ninth of ten children only my younger(i cant say little because he is like a foot taller then i am) still lives with my parents over in Pleasant Grove i am the shortest of the family only reaching four feet and eleven inches and some of my twenty eight nieces and nephews are already starting to pass me up i love my family especially my sisters yes that includes my sisters-in-law who are super cool themselves as for my love life right now there isn't one im just trying to get through school and stuff so maybe when i have more free time i will start worrying about boys well thats if for right now i guess