Thursday, September 16, 2010

super duper activity

so my ward had this super activity and we went up to some resivior i forget which but it was way fun but i tottally slacked on my picture taking responsbility. we also went boating and to do all the fun stuff in park city it was way fun sorry about the lack of pics. my fire fighter did come up each night though even though he couldnt stay for more then a couple of hours. he is so cute!
yep thats what it looks like
her boyfriend got jealous it was way funny he was the only one to buy anything while we were at the outlets

not nearly as good as the real thing or as cute but he does dress well

we had quite the adventure parking we had a boat on the back of the suburban and couldnt get it into a space we almost hit a couple of cars plus it was pouring rain so we all got soaked but in the end we had success!

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